BRUINS Honda Center Open Practice

Bringin on Banner 12, Baby!

My Daughter Krystal (who has a huge crush on Russell Westbrook! I told her I would embarrass her!) and I went to the Honda Center to check out the Bruins open practice. It was all about getting loose, having fun giving the crowd a nice little show.

We got there a bit early (yes...I left work because of that sickness that comes around this time every year) and saw BYU...but what I noticed was that, even though it was mostly for fun, Coach Howland never stopped praising, commenting and, well, coaching. The boys were having fun, but also listening to Coach Howland and Daniels. A bit over halfway through the 40 minutes coach called everyone to center court for the shoot off. This is where it got amazing. K Love took one or two shots from midcourt, then moved over the opposite endline, where he proceeded to shoot from FULL COURT. Out of 12 shots I think he hit backboard all but 3 times. Three shots hit the made it. Incredible. The whole place went loco. Of course...that was the ONE SHOT I DIDN'T get on video! I did manage to get Kevin's reaction though...he bowed to the crowd (the 1:13 mark). The following videos (both are the same) show Kevin's incredible skill, and some just plain fun stuff too. Check out Dragovic's "dunk" at the 1:28 mark.

Youtube has been out tonight, so I dumped a low-res video on one of my sites. Be patient...they do load:

A higher res version is here:

I also uploaded some pics from the PochoCam to my Flickr! account:

Nestor or anyone else go ahead and embed these if you's late and I am lazy tonight!

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