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NCAA Tournament Round 1 - Mississippi Valley State

Mississippi Valley State highlights link.

The game highlights show off the balance and drive of this Bruins team. Love had a great game as usual, but Keefe, Mata-Real, Dragovic and Aboya showed how they can be key parts of this championship run. But what you really gotta love is the hustle of the veterans at about the 15 minute mark of the second half with a 29-point lead. MVS looks to score on a 2 on 1 fast break against Collison in this sequence. The Delta Devils fumble the ball and DC dives for it, knocking the ball loose, which heads out of bounds. While heading out of bounds, Shipp saves the ball and passes it behind to DC who dribbles downcourt, then passes to RW who hits Keefe coming down the lane for a dunk. We need this kind of intensity, no matter what the score to continue this run. Like Love would say later, "No mercy."

There was a bit of everything at this game, including a humorous moment early in the second half when the ball got stuck in the backboard support and Kevin demonstrated other uses for his pinpoint two-handed chest passing.

Well, it's a great relief to get the first one over with. It was fun, but one game at a time: survive and advance. For those of you in exile, here are clips of local news coverage.

CBS2 News with Jim Hill
Short clip of Coach Howland at the post-game press conference.
Post-game interview with Darren Collison
ABC7 News coverage