Solid Contributions from Josh Shipp

Get Off His Back!

Yes, the clean block on Sloan's drive was incredible -- just what you'd expect from JS.

But, as you watch the replay of the game, if you look for them, you will see the many contributions Josh Shipp makes to this team and this victory.

I am so tired of Josh bashing.

On scores, Josh was prepared for the rebound had one been needed.

Josh followed a couple fast break layins -- and was up around the hoop had they not gone in.

Josh is responsible for some great entry passes.

When he was scoring, critics said he was "jacking up shots" and should let the game come to him.

Now that he is letting the game come to him, they criticize him for not scoring.

Josh takes the open shots. Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen some of the deepest swishes unswhish and bounce out. He's close to being there. Time will cure this.

Josh sets screens. Moves and stays in the flow of the game.

And, while the balls are bouncing out, he's doing all of the things that make this team great.

I was a little disappointed that some of us were posting, in the game thread, that JS should be pulled. I trust Howland to put the right people in the game, in the right places at the right times. I understand that many posts let off nervous energy -- mine do to. I look back and wonder why I said some things.

But, I want Josh to know that he has our very solid support and we appreciate what he's doing.

I also want him to know that we have his back with the MSM. How dare the fishwrap reporters single him out for criticism and derision?

This morning, I went to the wrap to see how hard they would work to diminish this victory over a very good Aggie team --one that had many of us worried when we saw they were in our path -- and it didn't take long to find a video of Plaschke saying something like
"Josh Shipp didn't show up for the game."

I don't know what game Plaschke watched.

I just wish Plaschke hadn't shown up for the game.


I believe in a robust free press -- one without restrictions. But, that does not mean that our Athletic Department medial people should not be working behind the scenes to make sure that the lazy people like Dohn, and the fishwrap reporters have the real facts. Were it me, I'd not give special treatment to reporters who consistently, without any basis, denigrate our program. I would not censor them and we should not. But, I sure would not treat them as royalty. I'd rather give special access to people who do honest research and write. If that's a high school kid -- that's fine. I'm tired of media professionals spouting off about things they've either not researched or don't understand.

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