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Post-Traumatic Syndrome

So who woke up a little woozy this morning? My neighbors are probably getting a petition together to get me arrested for disturbing the peace. Good thing my wife and kids weren't home. So before they all come after me, I'd better get this post up.

If you missed in the post-game thread, here is the clip of Love's two fade-away jumpers and Collison's first drive to the hoop for a 49-47 lead with 55 seconds to go. The next clip is Collison's game-winner and Westbrook's scream that released the built-up tension of the collective Bruins Nation.

I was too exhausted to go through the game recording to get all of the highlights. Instead, for the whiners about the possible non-call at the end of the game on Shipp's block, I have these two WTF calls that didn't go our way. First is the foul called on Luc late in the game. It really should have been a no-call, since RW had already recovered the ball while the Aggie player was diving over the pile. Any contact by Luc (minimal) should have been deemed incidental. Second is the egregious foul called on Collison against Sloan, who basically hugs Collison with both arms before slinging him down. So if Sloan is bitching about the no-call at the end of the game, to that, I say bachi!

I also have the Sports Central segment that followed the game. It's almost 20 minutes long and contains post-game interviews and lots of highlights.

Additionally, here are clips from the local KNBC4 and CBS2  sports segments, which include more highlights and interviews.

It will be nice today to simply enjoy watching the game deciding our next opponent. Then, in a few days, we just do it all again!