M Bah a Moute to have MRI / Shipp sick with Strep Throat

Hopefully this is no big deal.  Hopefully it truly is "just precautionary."  However, the fact is that Prince Luc is having an MRI today.

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA's Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was set to undergo an MRI on his sprained left ankle and Josh Shipp was recovering from strep throat Monday, putting two of the Bruins' starters at less than full strength.

Coach Ben Howland said the MRI on Mbah a Moute was being done as a precaution.

"His ankle was swollen pretty severely yesterday," he said. "I was surprised and a little bit down by it. We [didn't] anticipate there being any issue."

Mbah a Moute returned Saturday night against Texas A&M after missing two games. He had two points, eight rebounds, six turnovers and four fouls in 32 minutes of the Bruins' 51-49 second-round victory.

"It hurt his timing that he hadn't practiced," Howland said. "His rebounding, defense and double-teams created a lot of havoc that helped us. I don't think we can advance much further without him."

Howland said the junior forward would play Thursday "barring any unforeseen abnormality on the MRI."

Also, apparently Josh Shipp is sufferring from strep throat.  Honestly team, get healthy!  I'd say, "can we get a break," but that would probably incense those who think all the breaks are going our way.  

With all the Texas A&M post game talk, it's easy to forget that we are still not at full stength.  I can't say enough about how Roll being hurt has affected this team, and regardless of how Prince Luc played on Saturday, is there any question that he is one of our most important players?  Every team suffers injuries, and it is part of the game.  But our run is special considering our setbacks.  People can complain about how UCLA is getting all the calls, but for every call (or non-call) I will show you a bump, bruise, tear, or rupture.

Let's hope we get healthy (again).  

And Go Bruins!

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