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What the...? Luc to undergo MRI, Shipp has strep

Oh dear, as rfirpo already quickly pointed out in the diaries, we've got a medical update which doesn't sound very good:

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA's Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was set to undergo an MRI on his sprained left ankle and Josh Shipp was recovering from strep throat Monday, putting two of the Bruins' starters at less than full strength. ...

Coach Ben Howland said the MRI on Mbah a Moute was being done as a precaution.

"His ankle was swollen pretty severely yesterday," he said. "I was surprised and a little bit down by it. We don't anticipate there being any issue."

Granted, we've got the emerging Keefe as the new No. 1 guy off the bench, but I think we can all agree that we are a FAR better team with a healthy Luc than without one.  Per the WWL, Howland said Luc would play against WKY "barring any unforeseen abnormality on the MRI."

However, it looks like the walking wounded is a duo, not a solo act:

Shipp was given antibiotics for strep throat after Saturday's game, when he was scoreless in 37 minutes but came up with a key block on A&M's final shot to preserve the victory.

Now I'll admit, I've been screaming at the TV for JS to drive/ slash/ shoot more.  And no, I do not discount the experience, screens, ball movement, hustle and passing lane defense from Shipp which are certainly important to our team.  No arguments whatsoever.  

However, I think we can all agree that playing 2-on-5 on offense in the first half of a game is NOT what our Bruins should be doing.  Not by a freaking longshot.  

I believe JS and RW will step up.

I believe it, and I REALLY want to see it.  SOON.  JS is arguably, behind KL, our best finisher near the rim in terms of touch, hands, moves, and resourcefulness.  I'd be just as happy seeing JS go 5 for 6 inside the paint as I would be watching him go for 4 for 7 outside the arc.  

I just firmly believe that we need a balanced team OFFENSE as much as we need a dominating team DEFENSE.

Apparently, CBH feels the same way:

"That's an aberration," Howland said. "We want to get more production out of our other three starters."

Here's to fast healing and regained stroke for ALL of our Bruins.