McD's All-American Game on ESPN Wed 6:30pm

I don't think this has been mentioned yet on BN, so I figured I'd bring it up in case anyone's interested...

While all of us here at Bruins Nation are eagerly awaiting Thursday night's Sweet 16 matchup vs. Western Kentucky, there will be some UCLA-related basketball action to tide us over on Wednesday night with the 2008 McDonald's All-American Game, which will be airing live on ESPN at 6:30pm Pacific time. This year's game will be featuring UCLA-bound guards Jrue Holiday and Malcolm Lee on the West team, as well as other future Pac-10 players Brandon Jennings (point guard, Arizona), Demar DeRozan (wing forward, USC), and Michael Dunigan (center, Oregon). Greg Monroe is also on the West team roster, and if I remember correctly, he was considering coming to UCLA during his recruitment period before eventually committing to Georgetown.

I think it will be exciting to see Jrue and Malcolm play, especially with all I've heard about how Jrue is the most athletic guard to come to UCLA since Baron Davis. I also got a chance to meet all four of our class of 2008 commits when they were on campus the weekend of the football game vs. Cal in the fall, and they seem like really good kids. I also met Jrue's mom, who was very gracious, and who seemed pretty amused that I was asking her 17-year-old son to sign a jersey for me.

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