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UCLA v. WKU: 2008 Sweet 16 Open Game Thread

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OK, I win the award for lack of productivity today. I'm sure you are all as psyched-up about this game as I am.

All week I have been trying to come up with a thoughtful and creative theme for this week's open game thread. However, sometimes the most appropriate way to say something is the most obvious:

The Bruins need to make a statement tonight.

AA2 making a statement last year against KU.

They need to make a statement that they will not be "run off the floor" by the Hilltoppers.

They need to make a statement that Josh Shipp and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute are invaluable components of this team.

They need to make a statement that 33-3 and back-to-back Final Fours is not the result of luck, fortune, or a few questionable calls.

They need to make a statement that will make all of the talking head analysts STFU and appreciate what Ben Howland has done since coming to UCLA.

Most importantly, they need to make a statement that Bruins believe in "WE" and send the Hilltoppers back to the comfort of their homes to enjoy the rest of the tournament.

So here is some "statement" MOJO to help carry us through tonight's match up:

Game on.

This is your official open-game thread.

Go Bruins!