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No matter what happens from here on out ...

... I love our coach.

I love our team.

I am exhausted right now (but having a hard time falling asleep because uhm I am a little amped up?) and don't have a lot of thoughts to offer up. Obviously Josh haters should take a rest. That was a money bomb from behind the three with our season on the line.

Kevin Love showed the entire world (as CBS switched their national feed of Tenn/Louisville game perhaps hoping and praying for an upset) why he is the best freshman to arrive in the greatest program in the history of this game since Bill Walton.

The zebras did all they could in trying to "make up" for all the calls from last few weeks. But once again our boys stood up, took a deep breath, and pulled out what turned out to be yet another prototypical Howland/Montanesque win.

Oh and by the way does some one want to look up comments from earlier in the season taking us to task for going easy on this kid and calling him a "disappointment"?

Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images (via Yahoo)

Here is the recap from the WWL and box score of yet another magical (thank you bruinofthenorth and congrats to you for blessing this Bruin Nation w the ultimate mojo) Ben Ball night.

We never stopped believing in JK and today he showed why he  is going to leave this magical program with his own legacy as a Ben Ball warrior.

We love our Ben Ball warriors. Like I said above no matter what happens we will never lose faith and will always BELIEVE.

That said bring on the Muskateers.

Thread it up and rock out in another post game Ben Ball victory thread.