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Soak It All In

I will post my initial notes on Xavier later this evening and pivot all of our attention to the next opponent. Before moving on I did want to take a look back at something we put up re our freshman center back in February:

I do think we should all soak in every moment of Love in these last few games with the idea that he will not be back. I belive what we are seeing in him is something special. Something generational. I never got to watch the Big Fella or the Big Red in UCLA uniforms. So I have got to think this is what it must have felt like when they were performing in the Cathedral of college basketball. And I am going to treat his appearances accordingly.

Instead of agonizing on whether he will come back or not let's give him and his family the space to make the right decision for them (and I believe they will make the right decision for themselves and I will be fully supportive of it), let's celebrate a latest Bruin legend in making.

I just happen to think Love at UCLA is something rare.

Something holy.
Well it seems like rest of the nation (who have been pimped hard with the WWL propaganda hyping all the players from the ACC, Big-12, Big-10, Big East) etc is finally realizing what has been transpiring in Westwood. Gene Wojciechowski of the WWL, one of the few national columnists who haven’t jumped on to the UCLA-hate train, realizes what we urged everyone weeks ago re the majesty of Kevin Love - soak it all in:
In the meantime, Love, who would have chosen UCLA out of high school regardless of the rule, continues to kick some bracket butt. Just watch him.

It doesn't seem like much, but his hands are always up in perfect pass-catching position when he flashes through the lane. He puts a defender on his hip, seals, and scores. He didn't hit any treys Thursday night, but his 3-point stroke is pure. And he threw a nice little over-the-shoulder outlet pass to Russell Westbrook early in the second half. Westbrook missed the lay-up, but James Keefe (18 points, 12 rebounds off the bench) cleaned up the mess.

Love's value could be seen his passing game against Western Kentucky.

Love's shoulders, arms and wrists look like a herd of cats attacked him in his sleep. On Thursday night his white game shorts featured splotches of blood.

Love got hammered a half dozen times against Western Kentucky -- good, clean, hard fouls -- and didn't say a peep. Didn't even make a face.

Earlier this season at Oregon, he was berated by Ducks fans still angry about his defection from his home state to UCLA. Sports Illustrated ran a photo of an Oregon fan shooting Love with both barrels of middle fingers. The fan's dad saw the photo, wrote the magazine, and said he had taken away the kid's car.

"Really?" said Love, clearly enjoying how things worked out. "Karma is a __ ... You can fill in the blank."
Well given what KL and his team-mates have been subjected to from all the professional cynics in the local and national MSM, and certain fan bases around the country, hopefully karma will have a way of working itself out.

It was amusing to listen to Bill Raftery last night. Just by his observations you could tell how amazed he was at how polished KL looked all over the court. I specifically remember an observation he made about whenever KL comes down with a defensive rebound his body is always position forward allowing him to instantly survey the entire court. Those are little things that you can’t just teach (even though KL is one of the most coachable star college athletes around and it’s evident in his development especially on the defensive side of the ball).

So guys just soak this all in. KL will have a battle tomorrow afternoon against a skilled and athletic Musketeers teams. I have no doubt the kid is going to bring everything he have and do whatever he can to inspire and lead his team-mates by example on both ends of the court. So let’s all stop worrying a bit, just sit back, and enjoy and soak it all in. We will not get to see some one so special every year in college basketball. And we are all blessed that we get to see this in that someone wearing the magical four letters stitched in front of that classic U.C.L.A. uniform.

Photo Credit: John Saade Photography's photostream

Again just enjoy and soak it all in.