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Congrats BN

I don't really care much for glowing over winning an award. However, I believe this is an exception.

If any of you have been following the 2007 CFB awards posts sequentially popping up all over the college football blogosphere today, you will know ... the winner of the 2007 CFB Award for "Best Community" was none other than YOU.

Yes, BruinsNation was voted by its peers - a prolific group of bloggers writing their hearts out for their favorite teams all over the country - as the "Best Community" in the entire college football blogosphere. Considering the other incredible group of bloggers - Blue Gray Sky, EDSBS, MGoBlog and the M Zone - who were nominated for this award, this is something special. Any of those guys - the elite blogging communities - that represent the cream of the crop of not just college football blogsphere, but sports blogosphere in general are deserving of this award. So big ups to all of them for a great year.

But let's come back to our little community here on BN.

After all the ups and downs and the roller coaster rides we have been through as a community through the last few years, this is something you all should be extremely proud of.

Odysseus, Ajax, Menelaus, Tydides, Meriones, Achilles, Telemachus, and yours truly have always believed we have the finest group of readers and, more importantly, community bloggers, who have helped us put together the liveliest and most passionate sports bar in the internets (that happens to be drenched in blue and gold). Now its nice to hear that sentiment from folks who are objective. Head over to Burnt Orange Nation (the reigning champion of this award), where HornsFan has a gracious post honoring all of you.

Once again take a bow Nation. Congrats to everyone here on BN.

Thanks to everyone again for making all this so much fun.