UCLA Jumps (Over Memphis) to No. 2 in ESPN Poll

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

UCLA cannot play offense!

UCLA's defensive intensity is not there!

UCLA cannot shoot!

UCLA should have destroyed Arizona on their Senior Day!

UCLA will not go far if they keep playing without focus.

Haters can keep on hating, but we will just keep enjoying our hoops team:

From: John Saade Photography's photostream (Flickr)

UCLA jumps Memphis in this weeks poll and is now the number 2 team in the latest ESPN poll. Here is the ESPN writeup on their poll:

UCLA (26-3) received six first-place votes in its move from fourth to second in the rankings. Memphis (28-1) also received six first-place votes in holding steady at No. 3. Also the AP poll is now out. Bruins are number 3 in AP poll (with 12 1st place votes).

Also not surprisingly Bruins are now the number 1 seed in Lunardi's bracket on ESPN.

Go Bruins!!

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