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Coach Howland Visits Coach Wooden

Coach continues to do well this Monday.

Coach Howland started the most important week of 07-08 regular season by visiting Coach Wooden:

Nan Muehlhausen, Coach Wooden's daughter, said her father continues to be in good spirits and was doing well on Monday afternoon.

"Dad's spirits are good and his vital signs are fine," said Muehlhausen on Monday at 2:30 pm PT. "Right now, the doctors are trying to keep the pain at a low level and the medication makes Dad drowsy, but he is doing well. I think they are going to put a new cast on his arm later today."

Muehlhausen also said that she expects it will be a couple more days before Coach Wooden leaves the hospital. "He is doing fine and everyone expects him to make a full recovery, but these things take time," she said.

Muehlhausen also mentioned that UCLA head coach Ben Howland had made a visit earlier in the day.
Also per Dohn Coach may be home by Wed. and found time to take in yesterday's game:
She (Nan Muehlhausen, Coach's daughter - BN Ed.) said he had a rapid heart beat on Sunday, which was probably caused by the different pain medications, but that problem has been solved. He watched Sunday's UCLA game on television. An orthopedist wrapped an ace-bandage around his wrist, which was broken, and he'll have a plaster cast on before he leaves the hospital. Muehlhausen said he might be able to leave the hospital on Wednesday
I am sure yesterday's huge win against Arizona also put an extra smile on Coach's face.

Get well soon Coach.