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West Regional Champions

Add another one of these to the trophy case

Howland's got that ladder and net thing down pat

What a great victory. I missed seeing most of the game as I was at a showing of "Wicked" at the Pantages with my wife and kids. (Yeah, I had to take one for the home team.) Boy did that play seem long. Didn't help that I was constantly calculating how much of the game I'd be able to see. By the time we got out and I got the radio on in the car we had a 20-point lead with under 15 to play in the second half. So I got to hear the last unsuccessful push by Xavier while sitting on the 101 in traffic, and then see about the last three minutes of the great win when I got home. Game highlights will come tomorrow; tonight - post-game interviews.

Kevin Love

Russell Westbrook

Michael Cage wonders why Kevin Love isn't being mentioned
for a National Player of the Year award.

CBS coverage
At one point, Coach Howland addresses the "Bruins struggling"
question by saying that a 14-win winning streak gives one a
different perspective.

Post-game press conference

One game at a time, but I hope we struggle all the way to a National Championship!