Irrational Superstition/Mojo/Karma

Don't Mess with It!!!

In real life, I am an academic. Analytic to a fault. Passion based on fact.

In Bruin life -- I am highly superstitious, have to run my rituals, and keep an eye on mojo and karma.

A few thoughts:

Let's not call out Texas, pound our chests, root for them and hope to face them, again. We did that last year with Florida. Bad karma.

Let's look forward to playing the next team in line, no matter which it is.

Let's keep focused on one game at a time. Nestor imposed this and it is working. I don't care who wins the other semi-final game and won't look to how we will match up or play them. Right now, we have a one game season. Nestor created good Karma by asking, strongly, that we not look down the road. "It's not nice to mess with Mother Nestor". (Most of you will be too old to understand the reference. This one's for the Geezers.)

Let's never split a game day thread, again -- unless we need a change in Mojo, which I am hoping we won't. I take full responsibility for WKU's strong run against us. When the game thread started to nest, I asked whether we could start a new one. As soon as we did, they put on their run. MY BAD. Last night, I begged that we not split the thread, and we kept pulling away. I think there is a clear message here.

We have strong Mojo working. Let's not stray from the path that is working.


PS. For those of you who think my posts are academic and rational, a look at the mad side.

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