Coach Wooden Feelin' It

Bumped. Goodness, gracious. Monday is not even over but the bloggers here are already on FIRE! GO BRUINS. -N

Now, normally when I visit the WWL website, I do it so that I can check up on scores and of course, read the ridiculous opinions that so many of the "experts" spew out. It's entertaining! It's what makes being a fan so great! The debates, the predictions and ultimately--the resolution. Do I take it the opinions seriously? Well, no, not really. Heck, some of em saw UCLA goin down to WKU.

This opinion, however, is one I think we all value.

"[Two] years ago, we were in the Final Four and we finished second. Last year, we were third. Seems logical to be first this year, don't you think?" [Coach Wooden] told The Associated Press by phone Monday.


North Carolina and Kansas play the other semifinal, marking the first time all four No. 1 seeds have reached the Final Four.

"That is remarkable," Wooden said. "Any one of the four could win, but I wouldn't trade UCLA's chances for any of the other teams."

See the rest of the article for some great quotes from both CBH and legendary Coach Wooden. As we know so well, in the end, we play the game. But coming from a man that's taken 10 teams all the way, and coached the greatest college (and later NBA) player of all-time, I'd say this opinion is one worth noting.

This week is going by so slowly! How is it still Monday!?

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