Possible Match-ups vs. Memphis

Memphis' starting five and which Bruin players can match up with them

Derrick Rose 6-3 guard:
    Collison 6-0, Westbrook 6-3, Shipp 6-5

Antonio Anderson 6-6 guard:
    Shipp 6-5, Westbrook 6-3, Mbah Moute 6-8, Stanback 6-7

Chris Douglas-Roberts 6-7 guard/forward:
    Westbrook 6-3, Shipp 6-5, Mbah Moute 6-8, Keefe 6-9

Robert Dozier 6-9 forward:
    Mbah Moute 6-8, Lorenzo Mata Real 6-9, Aboya 6-9, Keefe 6-9

Joey Dorsey 6-9 forward:
    Love 6-10, Mata-Real 6-9, Aboya 6-9, Keefe 6-9

Memphis' bench

Shawn Taggart 6-10 forward: Love, Lorenzo, Keefe
Peter Niles 6-8 forward: Lorenzo, Aboya, Keefe, Stanback
Willie Kemp 6-2 guard: Collison, Shipp, Westbrook, Stanback
Doneal Mack 6-5 guard: Collison, Shipp, Westbrook, Stanback

They have bigger guards but otherwise we match up pretty well in the front court.  We should keep a steady variation of Westbrook, Shipp, Luc Richard and Keefe on CDR and Westbrook, Collison, Shipp and Luc Richard on Rose since those are their best players and possible toughest match-ups.  Maybe we'll see Chace get in and see how he can do against Anderson and some of the reserve guards since our loss of Arron and Roll is highlighted in this match-up.

Going to be a close, good game.

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