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Jack Gets His Autograph (from Maurice Jones Drew)

We reached out to 'lvucla' after a reader of ours emailed us this story. Again a huge thank you to lvucla for being kind enough to share this beautiful story with rest of the Bruin Nation. If any of you who are reading this know how to get in touch with MJD please make sure he sees this post. GO BRUINS. - BN Ed.

A couple months ago my son and I sent an 8 x 10 picture of Maurice Jones-Drew to his PR firm in hopes it would get personally signed.  Weeks went by, and I even asked Jack, my son if he thought Maurice would sign it and send it back.  Jack told me Maurice is very far away, and he probably gets "millions" of letters and it probably wouldn't happen.  I honestly had no clue if it would really get personally signed.

Well, low and behold, it came!   It even said "To Jack" which was great.  I was going to frame it and hang it in his room so he could wake up and see it.  However my best friend had the best suggestion ever.  He said that it would be way more exciting for Jack if he was actually able to get it from the  mail box himself.  It has been really cold here, so I had to wait until it "warmed" up to take him to the mailbox without wearing gloves.

Well, thanks to my best friend's suggestion, I put the picture back in the envelope and put it in the mailbox.  It was truly an incredible moment for me as a dad.

What you will also notice is we are covered in snow (30 degrees) and my son is wearing a sweatshirt and was totally fine. (I don't want any child abuse allegations!)

The quality of the video is not as good as I hoped for on you tube, but you get the picture. It was an incredible father/son experience.


lvucla graduated from UCLA in 1992. lvucla and Mrs. lvucla run a small legal practice in the very small town of West Branch, Michigan which is in Northern Michigan. Jack is 5 years old and loves the Bruins. To no surprise, Kevin Love is his favorite Ben Ball warrior. GO BRUINS. -BN Ed.