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Wear Blue ... This is Worth Repeating!!!

Busy day at work today ... want to clear the deck so I can enjoy the game tonight ...

This is how Nestor concludes his post below:

Lastly, I will end today's round up with a plea to everyone who is going to the game. Please wear our shade of blue today. Please scream your heart out. Stand the whole game if you can. If not stand on each of their offensive sequences egging on DC, RW to wreak havoc in their backcourt. I know our crowd at Pauley gets maligned in the national press for too whine and cheese at times. However, I have also seen ferocious, loud, and intense (while staying classy) crowd at Pauley inspiring our teams to victories providing as effective home court advantage as some of the more hyped home courts we always heard about on WWL."
Then there is this from Bruin Report Online premium forum. It's from one 11banners (posted w his permission):
"This ain't the typical Thursday night game. How often do two top 10 pac-10 teams square up against each other for the conference title at Pauley?

Wear our shade of blue - true blue. Make noise everyone. Yeah, the guy behind you might yell at you, but tell him to get off his butt for this game. The players last year commented how the crowd really fired them up before the Oregon game. Get up and make everyone around you when we're making runs and especially before the tip-off."

There is a real effort being put forth to get everyone to wear True Blue and rock Pauley tonight.

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

If you need to know why, you weren't going to the game anyway.