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I am sure glad our Ben Ball Warriors have more heart than some of our so-called chicken little fans who proclaim the sky is falling at the first sign of adversity.

What an incredible game.

First of all, mad props to the Stanford Cardinal basketball team. Our warriors pull out their WIN OF THE SEASON against one of the best coached team in the nation. We wish them best of luck rest of the season.

Going back to us - OUR WARRIORS - for those of you who have been on this little online bar, did you have any doubt? We didn't (discounting chicken little, bandwagoning, infrequent commenters who only show up to whine and bitch when things aren't going too well).

Ben Ball warriors clinch the Pac-10 by beating the Trees in a heart stopping over time game. The final score 77-67. Here is the early box score.

It was a frustrating night at first. Our offense wasn't in sync. But Love was keeping us in the game:

Photo Credit:AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian (via ESPN)

When we made a run in the second half, Stanford kept answering every one of runs. And we were missing FTs, layups, dunks, when we had our opportunities to take control of the game.

Yet despite all of that adversity DC, RW, LRMAM, KL, and JS scratched, clawed their way into a tie at the end of regulation before taking control in OT. It was once again our lock down defense that ignited another incredible comeback.

So congratulations to Coach Howland and his 2007-08 team for winning their 3rd straight regular season Pac-10 championship. If I have my info. right (off the top of my head), I think that's the first time that has taken place since the days of Coach John R. Wooden. Congratulations again Coach Coach Howland.

We will be with OUR WARRIORS every step of the way. Again for those who jumped off the bandwagon in the first half ... don't try to come back on it.

Thread is all yours. We will have lot more tomorrow.

Oh before I say good night ... I LOVE OUR TEAM.