A special thanks to my extended Bruin Family

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A year ago at this time, I was in a pediatric intensive care unit where my four year-old son Tyler was on a ventilator after having his trachea crushed by a tumor that was rapidly growing in his chest cavity.  My family was suffering and we needed support wherever we could get it.  One of the places we found it was in the caring network of fellow Bruins here at Bruins Nation (and also from the moderators of Conquest Chronicles, proving that some things are bigger than rivalries.)

Tyler is now one year into a two year chemotherapy protocol.  It's been an emotional year, full of ups and downs.  During those lower times (mostly as a result of side effects from his chemo), it's been very helpful for me to have places like Bruins Nation, whether it was for support or, just as helpful, to simply have a distraction to take my mind away from the worries of the real world.

I'm happy to report that Tyler's last two PET scans have shown no evidence of any tumor and his oncologist has decreased his chemo and says that Tyler's response has been the best case scenario, and that he looks great.  I'll let you guys be the judge:

He is the mighty Bruin.  Triumphant evermore.

Thank you, Bruins Nation for everything.  I'm so lucky that Bruin Family really does mean family.

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