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A few more Stanford vids and comments

If you haven't been checking back at the video site, I've posted a few more clips (overtime and postgame interviews) since late last night, some that I refer to below. Couldn't get this post out as early as I normally do. But after encountering a few technical glitches I succumbed to sleep deprivation at 4am and figured I'd better call it a night so I could make it to work on time. So here is my belated post. Hopefully, I haven't gummed up the links.

First and foremost, props to a worthy and classy opponent. As much as it hurt to see the Bruins behind for most of the game, my respect for the Cardinal grew as the game progressed. They're tough, good and exhibited excellent sportsmanship in a very physical game. Numerous times during the game they'd go to help an opposing player up, or give him a pat at after a hard foul. Despite some people's interpretation of the postgame interviews with Trent Johnson and Brook Lopez , I felt they were extremely restrained and classy. Trent was obviously upset over the loss, but continued to praise the Bruins and just wanted to focus on the next game. Brook basically grunted through his interview, but could you blame him? Actually hate to think they have to play the thugs next. Stanford should be a formidable opponent in the tournament.

Second, let's address the foul call with 2.5 seconds left in the game. As I stated in the postgame thread, the video shows that the ref called the foul for the contact down low, not on the block. If one is going to argue the call, understand the call. The idiot announcers just focused on whether the block was clean. They apparently didn't notice the ref's hip-check as he made the call, demonstrating what he was calling. Because of the contact, Hill gained advantage which allowed him to be in postion to block Collison's shot. In any case, Stanford still had the opportunity to overcome the call in overtime. Just like how both teams overcame a lot of calls / non-calls during the game.

What can you say about the player of the game? During one stretch in the second half, Collison scored all eleven of the Bruins points, at one point getting the deficit down to two points and single-handedly keeping us in the game. Despite his efforts, Stanford managed to get the lead back up to 11 points at 56-45 with 5:37 to play. During the next five or so minutes, Westbrook started attacking, either making shots or getting to the foul line and Love was cleaning the boards and scoring on putbacks. Meanwhile the defense limited the Cardinal to two free-throws and prayer bank-shot by Taj Finger, but the Cardinal still led 61-59 with 20.5 seconds to play and Westbrook at the line for 2 free-throws. Was it shooter's touch on that first free-throw or fate? Two more free-throws by Collison following the aforementioned foul and on to overtime, where Luc's dunk off a patient Collison pass seemed to complete the momentum switch as the Bruins outlasted the Cardinal for a tough, tough 77-67 win and the Pac-10 Championship.

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