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Senior Day

I guess the underclassmen wanted to make sure Lorenzo Mata-Real remembered Senior Day. It was truly memorable, despite the incredible comeback Stanford win for the Pac-10 Championship just two days earlier. The collective Bruins Nation has shaved off a couple of hundred years of life after this week.

I just added a couple of additional clips to the highlights posted yesterday. The first is Cal's turnover in slow-motion to address the non-call. In my opinion, Westbrook cleanly slapped the ball from Anderson. The idiot Lizard said he clearly saw the hacking motion, uh, did you see contact? As you watch the slo-mo, the ball gets knocked loose and then Anderson dives to the ground as he desperately tries to get the ball back, flailing his arms and hits the ball out of bounds. He was not "tackled." While Westbrook's left arm grazes Anderson's back that didn't cause him to fall. It looks to me that Westbrook was ready to grab Anderson for the foul, but as soon as the ball got loose, he took his hand off.

The second clip just has a couple angles on Shipp's incredible shot, more to admire, rather than to answer the legality of the shot. I'll let others deal with that. I've heard contradictory reports on what Bill McCabe has said about it.

At this point, I just want to enjoy those magical 20.5 seconds. Well, technically 19.8 seconds, since the officials decided to put 0.7 seconds back on. How they determined that the ball took 0.8 seconds to land is beyond me. Regardless, here is the magical sequence with no edits.

Lastly, here is the last 0.7 seconds (Cals' last chance), in case you hadn't found it yet.

Truly a game to remember.

One last thing, let's not forget it was Senior Day. Along with today, Matt Lee has many things to remember. As for Lorenzo Mata-Real, Coach Howland's first 4-year player to graduate here's a little special something I cooked up just for the occassion. Lorenzo, we all wish you well.