Rick's debut now v. Tenn. on ESPN prime time

Bumped. As indicated in the comment thread great move by CRN as he kills two birds with one stone in this strategic scheduling move. GO BRUINS. -N

I already posted this under Nestor's Spring football diary, but thought this was big enough news to put in it's own diary.

From the LA Times:

UCLA altered its football schedule and will open at home against Tennessee at the Rose Bowl on Monday, Sept. 1, to accommodate television.

The game was originally scheduled for Sept. 6, but will now be ESPN's Labor Day game at 5 p.m. The Bruins' season opener against Fresno State, originally scheduled for Aug. 30, was moved to Sept. 27.

"We're excited because this puts UCLA football in a Monday night football setting," Coach Rick Neuheisel said.

The move also eases the Bruins' burden some. Instead of opening the season with Fresno State, Tennessee and Brigham Young -- all teams that won bowl games last season -- the Bruins will now have a bye week before the BYU game on Sept. 13.

So Neu's debut will be nationally televised, on primetime, on a Monday night? Think the Rose Bowl is going to be rockin'? I know our minds are elsewhere right now, but I think this is a huge development, will give the program great exposure, and is reflection of how CRN already has our program back into the national spotlight.

I know it's still April, and we still have a little basketball left, BUT I CANNOT WAIT FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!


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