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Rocky Top Brewin ...

We have some Rocky Top related news brewin’ in our world today.

Remember there is a coaching search going on as we speak wrt to our Lady Bruins hoops team. Kendal Salter from the Daily Bruin (referencing Dohn’s blogpost – come on guys link him up if you are going to reference him) has a very interesting update:

The Los Angeles Daily News blog, "Inside UCLA with Brian Dohn," has reported that Tennessee assistant coach Nikki Caldwell is a leading candidate. She has coached at Tennessee for five seasons and has directed the program’s recruiting since 2003.

In March, UCLA associate athletic director Petrina Long, who oversees women’s basketball, indicated that a decision could be delayed until the end of the women’s NCAA Tournament as likely candidates would be coaching in the event.

The Bruins failed to make the tournament, which ended Tuesday night, for the second straight year after closing out the season, 16-15, with a loss to national runner-up Stanford in the Pac-10 Tournament.

"We’re not going to rush," Long said in March. "It takes an amazing person be a head coach at UCLA, in any sport."

According to Long, experience would be a key component for any new candidate. She cited the need to match up with university-wide athletic expectations. Coaches with previous experience and long-time assistant coaches were likely to receive priority.

"It’s about championships at UCLA," Long said in March. "It is important to be on the national scene."
Nikki Caldwell of course knows all about championships. Congrats to the folks at Rocky Top Talk (RTT) who have been celebrating yet another NC banner (8th) over in Knoxville.

Speaking of the Vols, if you are anxious to get an early start on our first opponent for the 2008-09 season, make sure to check out spring footbaw action over at RTT. Can’t tell how excited I am about Monday Night Bruin football against the Vols on WWL. Getting hyped up for that game during August is going to all kinds of awesome.

Anyway, going back to hoops we will see how our coaching search ends up. If any of you follow women’s college hoops, we would love to hear your perspective on Caldwell or any suggestions on other candidates Long should look at in the coming weeks.