The Fab 4 at the Nike Hoop Summit

Drew Gordon, Jerime Anderson, Jrue Holiday and Malcolm Lee will all 4 be in Portland.

All 4 incoming recruits are at the Nike Hoop Summit up in Portland, Oregon. The game itself is tomorrow at 1 pm at the Rose Garden and will be aired on FSN.

Draft Express had a blurb on Jrue Holiday who continues to impress:

Guard Jrue Holiday stood out again today as he's done many times in the past with his well-rounded skills that constant allow him to make plays. On a roster with a handful of other play-making guards, it's particularly impressive that Holiday starts at the point considering he could play off the ball just as effectively. The UCLA bound senior had his passing skills on full display today, and showed ridiculously nice form on his jumper. When you look at the balance of his base, his point of release, and the rotation on the ball, it's hard to find anything to criticize about the way he shoots the ball. The same could be said for his defensive stance, though he may not have the ideal quickness laterally to lock down quicker guards at the NBA level. Holiday may not be the best pure athlete when it comes to run/jump explosiveness, but he shows great control of his body which allows for difficult finishes driving to the hoop in traffic.

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