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Something "old," something "new"

Someone wearing Gold and Blue

While we're still slowly transitioning away from basketball, here's a local CBS2 "Whatever Happened To" segment broadcast yesterday on Kareen Abdul-Jabbar. I watched it last night with my daughter whose AAU team placed 2nd at the 2002 11&Under Nationals (they also placed 5th in 2001, 4th in 2003, and 9th in 2004). It was neat for her to hear about the greatest college basketball player ever. (She is, of course, a big fan of Coach Wooden). That's what is so great about Bruins basketball. We have such great tradition and such fine men that represent it, in the past as well as the present.

Whatever happened to Kareem Abdul Jabbar

After watching the segment, our conversation meandered to the probability that Love will leave early. My daughter (who will be attending the University of Hawaii this fall - darn!) thought it was bad for players to leave early. I explained to her the pros and cons, and that a couple of the Bruins were on track to complete their degrees in three years and that Arron Afflalo was returning from the pros to complete his degree. She was impressed with that. Yes, imagine that, student-athletes who actually attend their classes and get their degrees.

With Coach Howland, the future remains bright. One of the soon-to-be bright new Bruins stars is Jrue Holiday. Below is his interview on his selection as the Gatorade Player of the Year. I'm struck by Jrue's down to earth demeanor. He seems to be a fine and articulate young man, unlike many his age who can't string together complete sentences.

Gatorade Player of the Year Jrue Holiday

Yes, we're all a little down because we'll have to wait a little longer to hang another championship banner. But we can be confident that the legacy of our program is in great hands and is measured not only by the number of championship banners, but also by the character of those who wear the blue and gold.