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PB Unleashed: At the Rose Bowl

We have already heard quiet a bit from Rick Neuheisel as the head coach of UCLA football.

I have seen some of the highlights of him as the winning quarterback of the 1984 Rose Bowl. If any of you don't know how that all went down or what took place go here.

But I never heard how CRN sounded as a player until I saw this, post game comments from that 1984 Rose Bowl game:

LOL. Yeah RN was certainly not a wallflower when he was a student athlete. Watching that clip also gave us a sense of the player who was clearly one of the leaders of his team and who could walk the walk to back up all his talk (and for the record I have no problem with a Rose Bowl MVP leading his team out of practice by actually jumping over the wall).

I keep saying we have a long way to go to find out how RN's tenure as the head coach of this program turns out. Watching that video reminds us what kind of fire he is going to inject into our program.

Well if I have it right that video was RN's last appearance as a player at the Rose Bowl. CRN makes his official return at the Rose Bowl as the head coach of our football program this Saturday. If you haven't set your weekend's plan yet, you need to do it NOW. Go out to the Rose Bowl this Saturday and show your support for CRN and our program. You can start your tailgating around 3 pm. The full details can be found here.

Timeto unleash all of collective passion bucket and show our full support for CRN and the program at the Rose Bowl, sending our coaches and players off on a great note at the end of this spring camp.