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Captain Luc?

Over at the Press Enterprise's blog Jeff Eisenberg has posted some interesting info. re. LRMAM's "plans" courtesy of his former high school coach from Florida:

"I wouldn't say 90 or 80 percent, but I would say the chances are high," said Kevin Sutton, coach at Montverde Academy in Florida. "Luc is a young man who will assess the situation and seek advice from those around him. He will not make an uninformed decision. I can't say it's 100 percent, but I do expect him to be back."
Sutton has maintained a close friendship with Mbah a Moute since the Cameroon native graduated from Montverde and came to UCLA. He attended the Final Four in San Antonio and spent time with Mbah a Moute and his parents there.
While Mbah a Moute has aspirations of playing in the NBA, Sutton said he was also excited about the possibility of being a captain at UCLA next year. Sutton expects Mbah a Moute to spend most of his offseason working on his jump shot and his ball-handling, in addition to trying to help Cameroon qualify for the Olympics for the first time.
"For every kid, especially one who has accomplished what he has accomplished, there are aspirations of playing in the NBA," Sutton said. "He'll sit down and talk to Coach (Ben) Howland, and I'm sure he'll make the right choice."
Let's hope this is true. I think if LRMAM decides to return it will also have an impact on AA2's plans for next season. Right now I am not holding out any hope for any of our Big-3 to return.

However, if we can have these two Princes leading our young cubs next year, it has the potential to be a very exciting season.