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Spring Football News & Notes

While we have been keeping a close eye on what has been going on with the QB competition wanted to make sure we didn't miss few of the other important details trickling out of Spaulding.

A former coach's son - Taylor Embree - has been having an impressive spring at WR in CRN/Chow's offense:

Receiver Taylor Embree, a freshman who enrolled in January and the son of former UCLA assistant Jon Embree, made several nice catches in Saturday's scrimmage. According to some folks I respect a lot when it comes to talent evaluation, the talk was about his high level of concentration and his hands.
"My dad has always kind of drilled me to catch the ball, and be ready to get hit when you catch the ball,'' Embree said. "The main thing is to just focus. I've done a lot of drills growing up where you focus on the ball, and not worrying about the surrounding. Once you catch the ball, that's when everything else happens."
Embree led the scrimmage with 3 catches for 74 yards including the 24 yard TD catch. For rest of the stats from Saturday's scrimmage go here.

As we have been talked in last few days the tempo of this year's spring practice is way up. Reggie Carter is seeing a difference in our offense:
"Quick tempo,'' Carter said. "It seems like a real simple concept, and they have to execute it. There not too fancy. They hurry up to the ball and if everybody executes their jobs their going to be successful.
"It's not easy to defend. It's just that I don't think they try to complicate it with a lot of crazy plays, or trick plays or crazy routes. They try to play smart, get the yardage when it's there and play for first downs, and when touchdowns come, that get those.''
While those were Reggie's impression on our offense, CRN shared his takes on both his offense and defense.

Lastly, as our QB situation shapes up with PC, BO, KC, and CF and this Fall we get ready for the arrival of Crissman, lot of eyes are going to be on OR. From the Press Enterprise:
With his chance at being a starting QB becoming slimmer by the day, Osaar Rasshan again on Tuesday said that he wants to stay at QB and would not want to go back to WR.

"I'm staying at quarterback," Rasshan said. "No doubt."

For the record, Rick Neuheisel has said that he will not hesitate to "send a player to a different line" if it means getting that player and their abilities on the field for the benefit of the team.

Last year, Rasshan looked very good at receiver during fall camp and some speculated that he was good enough at the position to be NFL quality. Blessed with great hands, speed, size and insane athletic ability, he managed to end up back at QB because of injuries and finished the year 17-for-45 but did not complete a pass against Oregon or BYU in the bowl game.
I admire the kid's determination. However, it will be a shame if we don't get to take advantage of all that athletic talent. Hopefully OR will be receptive if coaches recommend him to think about other ways to get him on the field. Per Dohn he has already turned down an overture from Walker pondering a move to safety.

Toledo never found a way to take advantage of Drew Bennett's incredible athleticism, when it became clear he didn't have a future as a QB at UCLA. Let's hope OR will be open to find a way to just get himself on the field and let his athletic ability shine through helping the team to wins.