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Bruins at Nike Hoop Summit

Here's your #1 recruiting class:

Bruin Basketball 2008-2009 incoming freshman

dokein posted a good writeup, and blinkshot posted a short boxscore, so I won't repeat any of that info. Following are video highlights of the incoming Bruins.

Malcom Lee got two early fouls, which impacted his playing time.

Malcom Lee at Nike Hoop Summit

Jerime Anderson had a couple steals and assists, dunked and drained a short jumper.

Jerime Anderson at Nike Hoops Summit

Drew Gordon demonstrated great board work, short-range scoring and shot blocking.

Drew Gordon at Nike Hoop Summit

Meanwhile, Jrue Holiday did a little bit of everything.

Jrue Holiday at Nike Hoop Summit

Just like the commercial, "You're in good hands..." with Coach Ben Howland.