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A Question For The Lakers Fans in Bruin Nation

So in the world of professional basketball things are almost back to normal. Lakers once again have the best record in the Western Conference. They are well set up to make a run for banner number 15 in next few weeks:

Yet as I was watching the Lakers drubbing the Nuggets (who IMHO has the best colors in the league) on Sunday, a hypo was running through my head. I know the answer to the question. Now I want to hear it from all other Laker fans.

Let’s say you found yourself one day in front of the Sports Gods who asked you to pick one of two options for granting your wishes in next 12 months:

  • Option 1: UCLA football finishes its first football season with under CRN with a 10-3, which ended with a 6 game winning streak (which would include wins at the Rose Bowl on December 6th and one on New Year’s Day). The season blows ups CRN’s recruiting efforts setting the program up for BCS runs in the coming season(s) resulting in UCLA’s first National Championship in college football (since 1954) in next 5-10 seasons.

  • Option 2: Lakers bring home their 15th World Championship this spring.
Here is the catch. If you pick Option 1 not only will you have to sacrifice the Lakers for this season you will be giving up a Laker world championship title for next 30 years. If you pick Option 2, it will mean you are giving up any chances for a UCLA football championship in next 10 seasons.

I know ... tough. Right? But not so much for this die hard Laker fan living in this nation.

I am ready to give up titles for my Lakers in return of UCLA FB championships. In my life time I have been fortunate to experience a number of Laker banners. I enjoyed all of them. However, I have never tasted a UCLA championship in college football. So picking the Bruins over Lakers is easy for me.

How about you? Which option would you pick? Answer this question only if you are a Laker fan.

BTW – you guys over there, the Warrior fans from BN (or Kings fans - do they exist anymore?) – don’t LOL too hard. You can only dream of getting questions like this.

Looking forward to reading the responses. This should be fun.