Ditch Day at practice.

Today was ditch day, a tradition in which the football teams runs off the field after stretching.

According to B. Dohn,

The coaching staff, including head coach Rick Neuheisel, were clearly not pleased to be blind-sided by the senior-led effort to ditch practice.

What do you all think about the subject?

Personally, I am not so happy.  On one hand, it is tradition.  On the other hand, we only have 15 NCAA allowed spring practices and an extremely raw offensive line.

Although one practice may not seem like much, at this level football games are usually not won by much either--sometimes a split second can make the difference between whether your quarterback completes a successful pass, or whether he gets injured and throws an interception.

Secondly, at this point in the year when we are learning a new offense, it is important for the seniors to show leadership by working very hard.  We CANNOT have any more "3 game seasons", and the football team should not foster an environment of being "OK" with a ~0.500 season.

The recruits and high school coaches that were there took the time to travel to practice.  They also understand where UCLA was last season, and I don't think this type of attitude reflects well on our team.

It is tradition, and I understand this.  However, when I was in middle school, I got a C because I didn't do the homework (back when homework was a large portion of ones grade).  Therefore, my parents didn't give me a Christmas present.

For us, we had a bad year last year.  We have a difficult schedule and a VERY raw team next year.  I am probably being a too cynical, but I cannot help but feel that KD has fostered an environment of mediocrity.  Ask yourself this--if our basketball team went ~0.500, would they ditch a day of practice?

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