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Thank You Kevin

As I have said all along for months this shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone here on Bruins Nation. So there wasn't any tiny voice in my head saying, "what if he stays ...?" :-)

I know some of you are disappointed and were dreaming a little bit, but don't say we didn't warn you. We should have been ready for this day all along. This day was coming the very day KL put on the uniform belonging to Coach Wooden's program.

One of the most enjoyable experiences of last five years has been watch this young man give everything he had this past year at U.C.L.A.:

Graphic: M Lee (Click To Enlarge)

Again KL didn't have to come to UCLA. He could have gone to UNC or any other program in the country that would have been more than happy to have him as a one year player. He came here, played within the team game, and did everything Coach Howland asked him to get us another Pac-10 title, and lead us to our 3rd straight Final-4. Along the way he said all the right things and conducted himself in a way on and off the court that would have made Coach Wooden proud.

So if any of you are bummed out today (and I can totally understand if some of you are) about KL leaving, I'd still urge you to be thankful and appreciative for the memories and joyful moments he brought us in his only season in Westwood. Let's put the debate aside whether we should consider him as one of the all time Bruin greats. I am sure there will be plenty of time to discuss that topic.

For now something very simple from all of us will do:

Thank You Kevin.

I am going to bet that's the sentiment Coach Wooden would be expecting from all of us towards Kevin in this Nation.