Meanwhile, a BIG T&F meet at Oregon

UCLA and Oregon are renewing their intense Track&Field rivalry this Saturday with an "old-school" style DUAL MEET. It will be up at Historic Hayward Field in Eugene and feature some of the NCAA's top talent, especially UCLA's throwers and Oregon's distance guys.

This year it will only be the men competing. Oregon fans are rabid and loyal supporters of the track team.

Our beloved Bruins have much less support these days from the student body and recent alums, so I encourage you BNers to show our boys -- who are currently ranked #3 in the nation -- some love.

Meet will be webcast (see link) and starts just after noon on Saturday April 19.
Check these websites for more info and background

Check these websites for more info and background

Bruin Online 'Other Sports' message forum

Some blog that seems to be dedicated to this event

One of the best Web sites for collegiate track info and discussion: mp;highlight=&sid=d6a504c3fb19bd9d93cc85c786dc8acf

Official Oregon Track site with info on WebCast: mp;highlight=&sid=d6a504c3fb19bd9d93cc85c786dc8acf

An oregon newspaper's fabulous interview with UCLA coach Art Venegas 1

Oregon's Track-only forum/msg board -- these guys are serious about their track:

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