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Spring Football News & Notes

The football team gets back to practice today at Spaulding. Once again lot of eyes are going to be on the offense which is still coming into shape under a new head coach and its 4th OC in last four years. Pat Cowan for his parts thinks the offense is "progressively getting better":

"I feel that, as an offense, we're still doing really well with it,'' Cowan said. "I feel, as a team, we're progressively getting better. Even a week ago, we are getting better with snap counts and things like that. A week ago we might have had a bunch of false starts. I don't even know if we had a false start (Tuesday). It's just little things that you see are coming together, and it's a positive."
Speaking of positive, the Daily Bruin had a feature on Christian Ramirez, who has had a great spring camp today. In the absence of Kahlil Bell and Raymond Carter, Ramirez has been getting a lot of carries and has made the most out of his opportunities. Ramirez has used the opportunity to get himself ready for competition he will be facing from incoming freshman and talents like Bell and Cater this Fall. Here is the DB report on an excited Ramirez:
"It’s crazy," he said. "One day I’m just buried in the depth chart, and now I come here and I’m having a good spring. It’s really exciting for me.

"I really didn’t know what to expect coming in here. I knew I was going to have a lot of chances."

Those chances are exactly what he has taken advantage of this spring. He has drawn plenty of compliments from coach Rick Neuheisel who has spoken of Ramirez as an outstanding athlete who needs to be on the field.

However, with the fall arrival of a talented group of running backs including Milton Knox, Johnathan Franklin and Aundre Dean, Ramirez may be looking at the short end of the stick at the tailback position.

That doesn’t bother him.

"Wherever (Neuheisel) puts me on the field, I’ll be excited to play for him," Ramirez said.
Ramirez is not only player out there who will be "excited" to play for CRN. Dohn posted CRN’s take on Rasshan’s determination to play at QB:
"I'm not going to force guys to play other positions, but we have to get the team ready and sometimes there's not reps to give to give five quarterbacks,'' Neuheisel said. "That's what I was worried about at the outset."
However, Neuheisel made it clear he doesn't envision changing Rasshan's position unless the red-shirt junior is interested in doing so.
"My experience is putting people in places where they don't want to be is a disaster,'' Neuheisel said.
That kind of support from the HC will inspire OR to work even harder out at Spaulding.