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Tasha Schwikert Wins NCAA Gymnastics All Around Title

This might actually be more of a diary than a front page story, but with the injury news from Spaulding Field, I thought we needed a bit of positive news.

Senior Tasha Schwikert yesterday won the NCAA individual title in women's gymnastics. In the process, Schwikert became the first Bruin to win the individual title twice; she also won it as a freshman.

"Honestly, I am shocked I won," said Schwikert. "Our sports information director came back into our locker room and was looking at me and I said, `What?' and she said, `You won.' All I could think was no way. I've been through a lot of pain this year with my Achilles, but tonight I came into the meet with a team focus about getting my team to the next round. I definitely wasn't ready for them to announce that I had won the individual championship. This one is bittersweet to win on my last meet, but I would exchange that for my team to get to the next round in a heartbeat."

Alas, the Bruins finished fourth in the NCAA prelims and will will not advance to the Super Six to compete for the national team title.

Bruins Nation congratulates Tasha Schwikert -- Olympian, World Champion, NCAA Champion -- for her title and her incredible career and thanks her for representing the Bruins with her talent, skill and class.

(I couldn't find a decent photo of Tasha from the NCAAs, but I did find this one on Candace Dwan's web page and thought it was pretty cool.)