Andrew Bynum Enjoying the Bruin Life

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

The Good News: UCLA is the place to be, even for young center prospects that also happen to be future franchise players like Andrew Bynum.

From Cohn vs. Cohn:

Thursday night my fraternity, Sigma Nu, threw its quarterly house party. Andrew Bynum, the injured center for the Los Angeles Lakers, the twenty-year-old former 1st round pick, was at the party. Word started to spread around the party of his presence, but no one could find him. Then suddenly he emerged from one of my friend's rooms with two girls and a small entourage of Sigma Nus following behind him. Everyone who had a camera or a cell phoned rushed towards him to get a picture.

I just found a small sampling of those pictures here, here, and here

Bynum walked out of the hall, down a flight of stairs, and into the center of the dance floor, where he danced with the two girls. I don't know what this means about the state of his knee, or if he'll be able to play for the Lakers this post-season. But I do know that he can walk down stairs and dance to fast paced hip hop.

The bad news, for Laker fans, is that his knee is apparently healthy enough to dance on, but the guy still can't practice. I hope this was some convoluted stress test on that knee. We need you back, Drew!

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