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Celebrating Ben Ball In Final-4 Pre Game Thread

A little excited? Anxious?

Have you gone through your pre game rituals? Did you make sure you  had the right combination for your Saturday brunch? Wearing the right shirt?

You spacing around your house, apartment or god forbid office, or are you just being a total space cadet? Well here is something to get you ... uhm ... a little more amped up:

That should get everyone bouncing.

Many thanks to our reader - ML - for sending that to us (clck on it for a larger version).

We will use that to get everything out of our system once and for all before we get filled up with MOJO in our Final-4 open game thread.

Consider this our version of a Final-4 pre game party (which has been kicking all week on BN) crescendoing in our pre game open thread.

LET'S GO: Fire away.