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We Will Be Back

First of all congratulations to the Memphis Tigers.  They were clearly the better team tonight.

As for us, let me reiterate what we all collectively stated leading up to today: no matter what transpired in San Antonio, this season has been an incredible success and nothing will diminish it.

That said I wish our guys remembered how to play Ben Ball. Because we didn't see it out there today. All week we talked about how we had to beat Memphis by running our offense through Love, being patient, and being smart with our short selection. There wasn't much of that today from our Ben Ball warriors.

We were prepared but it's the other guys who executed and played like they wanted it lot more:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Eric Gay (via ESPN)

Anyway it's over. We will plenty of time in the coming days and weeks to evaluate of season happenings, and get ready for another exciting Ben Ball season.

Congrats again to Memphis Tigers.

Thanks to Coach Howland and all of our players for a memorable 2007-08 season.  We are so proud and grateful for all the memories they have given us in yet another wonderful year in Westwood.

We will be back in the Final-4 and hang number 12 sooner or later.