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Sunday Night Open Thread In Howlandwood

Well Coach Howland and his warriors (except for LRMAM who is staying in San Antonio an extra evening to spend time with the rents) are heading home tonight:

Here is a request to all of our students on campus and alums around LA who may run into our coaches and our boys" tell them on behalf of us how proud we all are of our basketball program, and how grateful we are for another wonderful season.

We will make this a special Sunday night open thread. If you still need to commiserate with other Bruins this is place for you. Get it all out of your system. Starting tomorrow we are going to slowly pivot into football, delve in off season hoops issues, pay closer attention to baseball, and move on.

Don't forget we have the number 1 recruiting class coming in next year and Coach Howland already has a good start on the following year's with Reeves Nelson. Fun will never stop in Howlandwood, aka Bruins Nation.