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Sports Hub LA: "USC Deserves Some Blame"

Eric Patten at Sports Hub LA arrives at the obvious conclusion based on the facts that have been unveiled regarding Southern Cal's engagement of OJ Mayo's services:

But shouldn’t USC face a heap of criticism as well?

It was less than a year ago that we were excusing the university from any misconduct in the Reggie Bush-Lloyd Lake case. If Bush took money and the school didn’t know about it, how can they be punished?

However, now it appears likely that Mayo also took money while he was a student.

Once again, USC denies any wrongdoing.

But how many times, with how many high profile players, are they to be excused? The university prides itself on running pro style programs, but it’s still collegiate athletics. There are rules, and Mike Garrett and Co. should understand that if they’re going to have elite athletes on campus, they have to ramp up their compliance efforts, not shrink back to better avoid responsibility if anything should go wrong.

Plausible deniability isn’t a good defense. At least not the second time around.

For the record, the NCAA hasn't "excused" Southern Cal or Bush over that whole arrangement quite yet. I'm optimistic that we have not heard the end of Bushgate. However, Bushgate should only serve to bolster the NCAA's case against Southern Cal. Something about a complete lack of institutional control.

Stay tuned.