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Joe Hillock, UCLA Director of Basketball Operations spoke at the UCLA Club of the Desert's Annual Scholarship Dinner tonight.  I took some notes that I thought might be interesting to others on this site.

His role is basically that of another assistant coach.  I got the impression he has been with CBH for several years dating back before UCLA and maybe before Pitt, but he didn't say specifically.

One of his jobs is "breaking down" the film taken at practices.  Each practice is filmed, then he compiles the film to review with CBH the next morning at 9am.  He typically is up til 2am every night during the season analyzing the film from the previous practice and/or game.  He also is the "liason" with the medical staff (there are 4 doctors on staff) with whom he meets weekly.  

A typical "day in the life" of a Bruin Basketball student-athlete

  1. Breakfast at 6am (training table)
  2. Class
  3. 1 1/2 hrs in weight room 4 days/wk
  4. Athletic training 4 days/wk
  5. Practice 6-7 days/wk (practice starts Oct.15 and runs until April...)

The team's GPA for the last term was 2.99.  Four players made Honor Roll.  He made a specific point of mentioning RW's GPA as being somewhat higher.  (I'm not going to post the number, as I wouldn't want my GPA published for public consumption)  The point being that he's not turning pro because he can't hack the schoolwork.  Overall, not bad for a team that played in 39 games and won 35.  On away trips, they leave campus early Wednesday mornings, meaning they miss classes W - F.  An academic advisor travels with the team.  The team for the first time ever has hired a nutritionist and an "athletic performance" coach.  The weight room has recently been re-done.

Regarding specific players:

  1. AA2   Sited the Andy Katz article.  Stated he is in summer school and is likely to be back.
  2. LRMAM  "testing the waters"
  3. JS  "90% sure" he is coming back
  4. RW  "not coming back" .  Likely lottery pick
  5. KL   "probably not coming back"
  6. ND  "false rumors" regarding him leaving.  Some problems with his diet in that he put on 8 lbs during the season despite the training, but has already lost 7 since the season ended.

Regarding recruits:

  1. Could not comment on a specific player not yet signed due to NCAA rules.  
  2. Gordon is also a track & field athlete competing either in shot put or discus.  He has an outstanding HS GPA.
  3. J Holliday is the second coming of D. Wade.  His mother is a coach.  He would be NBA caliber out of HS if he could be.
  4. M Lee has a 7'2" wing span
  5. J Anderson  is the #2 PG in the country. 

Recruits will be early entries in July to get acclimated to the campus and the academics before the season starts.

UCLA will play in the Coaches v Cancer Classic which will also include Duke and Memphis (possible rematch?)

Pauley renovation will cost $175M.  3 - 4 plan options are being considered.  Naming rights may also be negotiated but the name will still include Pauley  and the court will still be the Nell and John Wooden Court.

He also played the highlight video for the season.  Some of it I'd seen before on this site (the one that has the montage that starts with stills and words like  Intensity, Leadership, Defense, Focus, etc. but this one was longer).  He said afterward that it wasn't yet available on YouTube.  I might be able to get a copy from our club president.  I also asked him about Chase, and he gave me the diplomatic response.

BTW I used to post on this site as UCLAMD89 and used the BN upgrade as a chance for a better username.  I'm a geezer-in-training so no avatar yet.  This is my first fanpost, so please be kind.

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