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Part Of Our (Blue And Gold) Fabric

Some of you already wrote about a fundraising event Rick Neuheisel attended for the Asian Pacific American Alumni Club.

Well we now have video (s):

That was Part 1. You can take in Part II and III after the jump .

According to the reader email which alerted us to these videos, Neuheisel’s time at the event helped generate scholarship funds for four UCLA students with excellent grades, who despite their financial hardship found a way to offer their services for Asian American community.

This is just yet another example of how CRN is connecting with all corners of UCLA community. He is quickly making himself part of the blue and gold fabric that threads together this Bruin Nation.


UPDATE: It appears that the folks who put together this video decided to pull it from YouTube for whatever reason. In any event for those who didn’t get to see the highlights, CRN was on point talking about his commitment to bring UCLA football program back where it belong. He started the event by heaping effusive praise on Norm Chow. He then pivoted to talk about while UCLA basketball remains dominant, he is not going to cede any ground to those guys from cross town when it comes to college football in LA. GO BRUINS. - N

here is Part II:

and Part III: