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UCLA Women's Tennis Captures No. 102!

When it rains, it pours.  After a narrow miss by the men in the Final Four yesterday, the women's tennis team took home their first NCAA championship today in Tulsa.  Here's the recap from the IHT:

UCLA's women's tennis team finally got to contribute to the school's record haul of NCAA title. The Bruins beat California Tuesday for championship No. 102.

Riza Zalameda rallied to win the final two sets over Susie Babos of California on Tuesday, clinching it for the team that would have tied Florida with six second-place finishes if it had lost.

Freshman Andrea Remynse won at No. 4 singles, Alex McGoodwin won in the No. 6 singles spot and UCLA claimed the doubles point.


(Photo credit: UCLA)

More details are slated to come soon at the official site.  Until then, here are more particulars from the IHT:

Babos won the opening set against Zalameda in the top-flight singles, but Zalameda came back and clinched the team title with an overhead smash less than 2 minutes after Remynse finished off her 7-6, 6-2 defeat of Claire Ilcinkas.

McGoodwin downed Bojana Bobusic 6-4, 6-1. Zalameda and Tracy Lin teamed to defeat Babos and Stephanie Kusano 9-7 in the No. 1 doubles and McGoodwin and Yasmin Schnack beat Bobusic and Cristina Visico 8-6 as UCLA took two of the three doubles matches.

Just a tremendous accomplishment.  And it's great to see another program climb the mountain top and get that the brass ring after getting so close so many times.

Congrats ladies.  Here's your Championship No. 102 post match thread.