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Too Close To Call?

Last weekend we alerted you to an on going survey on WWL which asked UCLA fans who we think is the face of our football program.

My suggestion was some guy who holds the all time UCLA record for passing and total offense, orchestrated a 20 game winning streak and went 4-0 against Troy.

He is also the same guy, who the plurality of BN views as the greatest UCLA quarterback of all time:

But as of right now Cade McNown is running a distant third behind these two who are locked in a dead heat as the answer to who is the face of our program:

Via juliecinci's photostream

Fair enough. I have no problem with either of those two options. Fox71 presented the argument on behalf of CRN:

All the names which have been suggested are great Bruins. But the question is not "name a great Bruin" but "Who is the Face of the Program in Bruin football." The face of our program is out and about in the community. There are several videos up here in the BN. It seems to me that any time anyone says anything about the program, the reference is quickly to one guy – Rick Neuheisel. I think he’s the current Face of the Program

That makes sense.

I imagine number 8 is getting a lot of consideration in this poll because he is the best Bruin QB ever to play in the biggest stage of this game. Not only that Aikman has been a pretty involved alum. He was one of the few alums who we heard strongly endorsed Neuheisel during the coach hiring process last December.

I am curious though. It would be great to hear from those who voted in the poll how they made their decision. And of course if you voted for someone else, please share who we had left out in the discussion.