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Morgan Announcement Postponed

Quick Update: J'Mision Morgan, who decommitted from LSU and was expected to commit to UCLA today has postponed his announcement until Monday. has the full story.

Jazzy Hartwell, Morgan's AAU coach, indicated there is no announcement today. "That won't be until Monday," Hartwell told

UPDATE - A: And the Daily News notes that Monday is Memorial Day, so who knows if the announcement will come on that day.

UPDATE II - N: I agree with A's observations :

If I had to venture a totally uninformed guess, I bet that UCLA has not received the necessary paperwork from LSU and without it, they/we can’t talk to Morgan. Morgan probably won’t announce until he’s at least talked to Ben Howland.

Could he commit elsewhere? Of course. But my totally informationless opinion is that the delay is procedural and bureaucratic, not a change of heart or second thoughts.

That seems to make sense. Still as I said earlier today we should wait till something becomes official. Recruiting is a weird world. GO BRUINS.