OJ2 tries to remove himself from the SCandal

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From Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports:

O.J. Mayo has fired Bill Duffy and Associates and will select a new agent before leaving for the Orlando pre-draft camp next week, multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Calvin Andrews, an agent for BDA, had been in Chicago trying frantically to hold onto his client. Since the agency was the center of an ESPN investigation into possible improprieties in the recruitment of the USC freshman star, a fierce tussle has played out behind the scenes for control of the 20-year-old prodigy’s future.

As first reported by Yahoo! Sports, Mayo’s mother, Alisha, and her son’s former Ohio high school coach and one-time legal guardian, Dwayne Barnes, wanted O.J. to fire BDA, sources said. The mother and coach are encouraging Mayo to hire New York-based agent Andy Miller, whose clients include Boston’s Kevin Garnett and Detroit’s Chauncey Billups.

"I’m unaware of any connection I have with the family, but I’m flattered that they would throw my name into the mix feeling that I could play some sort of constructive role to rectify a very chaotic situation at present," Miller said by phone Thursday.

Unaware of any connection, huh?  You have to wonder why their names came up out of all the agents out there, and why would they actively say they are unaware of any connection... sounds a bit defensive.  I'm sure most agents would love to sign OJ2, but I think anyone that picks him up will be under a microscope. 

At the end of the article, Adrian and Dan wrote:

Guillory played a role in bringing Mayo to Los Angeles, working as the conduit between the player and Trojan coach Tim Floyd. Mayo led USC to the NCAA tournament in his one-and-done season on campus.

A journalist telling it like how it is.  How refreshing.

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