Josh Shipp is staying

I don't think it will really surprise most of us, but Doh!n is reporting that Josh will be making the announcement that he is returning to UCLA, in search of the National Championship.

In the same article, as some here had speculated, the paperwork for J'mison Morgan hadn't made it to UCLA, hence the reason for the delay in his official announcement that he'll become a Bruin next year.

Looking at how spring is coming around, the championship "drought" is ended, with the distinct possibility of more banners to come before the school year is out.  It does make one grateful for having been fortunate enough to have attended the finest university out there.  There are schools with fine academics, others with excellent athletics programs, others in spectacular settings, but only one combines the best of everything into one exceptional school.

Let's go Bruins, and get #103! (and more)

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