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Saturday Doubleheader: Softball (v Georgia) & Baseball (v Cal) Open Thread

Let's keep going what we started last weekend.

The baseball team will get all the action started by opening up against the Bears at Evans Diamond up in Berkeley. The first pitch is scheduled for 1 pm PST . You can follow the game online via the official site.

Then the softball team steps up for prime time action:


Photo Credit: Robert Laberge/Getty Images (via dunnila (flickr) )

Julie (#14), Jelly, AK-47 and their team-mates take on the Georgia Bulldogs at Easton Stadium starting at 5 pm PST . The game will be broadcast live on WWL. As usual you can follow the game online via the official site .

If you are tracking the games online or watching it on TV and want to take all of that in with other Bruins around the country, you know this is the place to be.

Thread it up and keep rest of us who are on cells, iphones and blackberries plugged in.

So swing away.